Some hot news, there is new version of the game available – Gunblood 2. Like in previous version here you get chance to test or improve your skills in shooting, you also can improve your fast reaction. Game comes in fashion of Wild West, two opponents stand in front of each other and they try their best to make Quick, Draw as fast as it is possible, after all their life depends on it!

Gunblood 2

Now before starting shooting, you need to hold mouse on the specific part of the game screen, after timer hits zero you need to aim as fast as it is possible and shoot your opponent. It is important to note that there are critical areas (such as head for example) and areas which only harm your opponent little bit (such as hand or leg for example), but doesn’t kill them. So if you want to win duel you will have to aim well.

After each round, game will calculate your score; it will calculate your accuracy bonus, your speed bonus, and your life bonus, after that game will collect all points automatically and give your total score. Your goal in the game is not only to win and defeat your opponent, but to also get score as high as it is possible. You can submit your name and your score in database and see if you were able to get in top 200 players list, if not it means that you must improve your gaming skills.

In Gunblood 2 you get opportunity to pick your character as well, they have different appearances, it really doesn’t change how fast they shoot or something like that, just pick character which seems more suitable for you and continue playing.

original gameplay

This shooting game is really more enjoyable when you play it with your friends, this way you can compete with each other and see who number one gun in Wild West is, LOL.

Game really has cozy atmosphere and attractive graphics, dynamic of the game is on high level as well, everything seems very well developed so most gamers rate it as five stars game.