First of all we only cover PC gaming, no console trash or anything like that.

What we offer
We offer free online guides for dedicated gamers, we cover all important aspects of different popular games and we have exclusive details which can be found only at our blog –

Our experience
We have professional team with gaming experience of 10+ years, we know what we are talking about and we can always impress people by our deep knowledge in gaming stuff.

How often we have updates
Nearly everyday, but if there are some new releases we can hold back for a while until we fully understand how new game works and what tricks can be used to become the best.

How to contact us
You can always use our contact form from here, or you can leave comments and we will reply you there, you can also add us in steam as a friends and we can hang-out in different games together.

With that being said I’m happy to see you in our club, we can expand our community together and share our gaming experience in order to achieve higher levels.