Apple Shooter CheatsDo you know how to use a bow and an arrow? Well, if you want to play Apple Shooter Cheats, you must learn some tricks on how to use an arrow and a bow. The game is very much interesting. Take your bow and arrow, then aim to hit an apple, strategically placed on the head of your friend. Does that sound scaring? Yes, it might be scaring; but this is one of the most entertaining games you would ever find online today. Since you aren’t aiming at hitting your friend, this game demands you be careful enough; otherwise, you might hurt your buddy. Unfortunately, you won’t get to the next step if don’t hit the apple. Once you hit the first target, you are moved to the next level, however, don’t expect things to grow any easier; the game will get harder as you advance through the levels.

It’s a 16-leveled game:

The game has at least sixteen levels. Unfortunately, distance between you and your buddy (which is your target) increases every time you make to another level. Luckily, if you miss a shot, you might be allowed to make another try. The worst comes in when you shoot your friend accidentally. In Apple Shooter game Cheats, proper aiming tact will earn you points.


The game as the name goes, it’s a shooting playoffs Archery. By the use of a bow and an arrow, you should shoot the apple placed on the head of your friend. You must not hit your friend, since doing so terminates your game. If you shoot the apple successfully, you will be directed to the next step, which is made difficult by an increased distance to your target. If you miss, you will be given a chance to make another shot. That means you have to be keen and have a greater shooting tactic; however, practice makes perfect. You can be a good shooter even if you are poor at it.


Apple Shooter Cheats operates on a mouse command. You use your mouse to aim the apple. You only hold the mouse to draw and then bow back. If you want to make a powerful shot, you are supposed to hold your mouse button longer before releasing it. Therefore, almost everything in this game is done by the mouse, from determining your aim, to making that powerful shot.

It is thought that the game was built from Wilhelm Tell’s inspiration take an arrow and a bow, and aim at the apple on your friend’s head’. By now, you should agree with me that the game is fun and very exciting.