The fourth edition of Uphill Rush, the Uphill Rush 4, comes with some improvements to make it more fun to play. Funny and unexpected vehicles and many more customization options are what you get. Just imagine you drive a motorboat wearing geisha outfit or you race as a sumo wrestler driving a dolphin.

Well, the game introduces new features like the sheep, dolphin, and bull as new racers. You can choose different new worlds including amusement park, hotel, and tropical city. Besides the geisha and sumo wrestler, another new outfit is clown. What makes it better is that you can smash through the wall and destroy any objects in the game. Sounds interesting, right?

Uphill Rush 4
To play the Uphill Rush 4, you just need to use the arrow keys; up to accelerate, right to lean forward, left to lean back, and down to reverse, space to jump or stunt, and x to activate the turbo. It’s all the same like the previous series. Also if you fun of this kind of games try Text Twist for free.