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The Roller Coaster Creator, which is ostensibly labeled “Crazy Rollercoaster” in the Chinese dialect, was primarily developed by game.com.cn. This is the ultimate home to dozens of browser games to enjoy. You can say that this flash game itself is a casual yet simple puzzle game that encompasses a mix of Rollercoaster tycoon. It boasts pretty perfect designs and concepts that will get you hooked in no time.


Game modes
The game comprises two modes; the Sandbox mode and Career mode. The former is just a fun creation tool, whilst the latter encompasses dry challenges such as hitting of theme park checkpoints on a coaster as well as speed variation. The Career mode involves working for one Mr. McGee, an old man who gave you the obligation of bringing life to his old coasters. People who enjoy playing this game also find entertaining following flash game – Learn to Fly, game is free to play and can be found at any top gaming sites.

Although you aren’t essentially required to play Career mode in order to create coasters in Sandbox mode, keep in mind that Career mode offers the best possible approach of unlocking all the customizable segments of Sandbox mode.

Goal of the game
In the world of this fascinating game, you’re required to get people in the cars from point A to B. You’re supposed to accomplish this by just drawing a rollercoaster path using a free drawing device. The drawing tool lets you place a regular track on any point, ultimately providing an opportunity to access more unlimited tools such as a loop-de-loop, up and down ramps, etc.

The rollercoaster would indeed be a quite easy game, except for the fact that in every single level stars are positioned all around the screen between the starting point and end points. Consequently, you need to bypass the rollercoaster to be promoted to the next stage.

Considering that you have limited access and subsequent use of special tools (such as ramps), you’re required to plan pretty cautiously especially in the later stages, you will have to view game from different point of view and use your resources with brain. This is the only approach that can allow you to seize all the stars and drop all your passengers safely in the finish line. At some point, you can say that the smarter you are the higher levels you can reach.

Roller Coaster Creator

How to play the game
You’re recommended to utilize the mouse to trace, track and place your specialty tracks—including the loops and raisers. You’ve to demonstrate that indeed you are the best brakeman by keeping the ride safe. Similarly, you must be able to make the entire experience as exciting as possible for the passengers. Use the left arrow for braking and the right arrow to accelerate.

Instructions of the game
Roller Coaster Creator encompasses a built-in instructional demo that will help you get familiar with the game. Click “Start Game” from the primary game window, and then select “how to play” in order to access it. Nevertheless, here’s the rule of thumb: Build your track in line with rows of diamonds so that when you’ll be riding the track your passengers will be collecting them for you. While it isn’t really essential, it will undoubtedly earn you extra points. Also try Awesome tanks 2 game for free.